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Sher Tremonte is extremely impressive. Their level of preparation, professionalism, and dedication is heads above the opposition.”

– President, international biotechnology firm

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In high-stakes international criminal matters, they are the team you want in your corner.”

– U.S. News – Best Lawyers

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Sher Tremonte has the same credentials and experience as the top New York law firms, but they’re not risk-averse. They’ll go for the big win.”

– CEO, international investment advisory firm

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A prominent litigation boutique… that is frequently called on by boards and executives from across the market.”

Chambers USA

They know the legal precedents inside and out, but they also know when it’s time to throw tradition under the bus and forge ahead.”

CEO, corporate travel agency  

It is hard to match Sher Tremonte’s responsiveness, cost-effectiveness, and all-around litigation chops.”

U.S. News – Best Lawyers  

They have the intellectual firepower to aggressively pursue cases where others just go through the motions.”

Chairman, security consulting firm