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Sher Tremonte Secures Dismissal of Claims Against Co-Founders of Australian Tech Company

On January 16, 2019, Sher Tremonte secured a dismissal on behalf of its clients, two co-founders of an Australian legal services technology business, in a lawsuit in New York County Supreme Court alleging that they had improperly interfered with their former business associate’s subsequent business endeavors. The plaintiff, the CEO of a tech company headquartered in New York and brother of one of the defendants, alleged that the defendants made derogatory statements about how he had defrauded them out of their ownership interest in the business the three of them had co-founded, and that these statements interfered with his ability to engage in other transactions. Defendants filed a motion to dismiss, arguing that the defendants, as residents of Australia with no significant connections to New York, are not subject to the jurisdiction of New York courts. As a result of this motion, the plaintiff voluntarily agreed to withdraw the suit in New York, resulting in a court order dismissing the action.