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Sher Tremonte Secures Victory For Staten Island Parents

Sher Tremonte recently helped the parents of two special needs students in Staten Island fight back against a New York City Department of Education (DOE) decision to relocate their children to a new school. This matter is part of the firm’s commitment to a robust set of pro bono casework to help New Yorkers in need.

In January, the DOE’s Panel for Educational Policy (PEP) voted to send some students at P.S. 37, a school specifically designated for students with disabilities, to a new general education program nearly an hour and a half away. Moving these students away from P.S. 37 and into a new learning environment unable to meet their needs would have been harmful to their education.

Justin Gunnell of Sher Tremonte challenged the validity of the PEP’s voting process and threatened further legal action if the PEP failed to revise the decision. The firm also worked with the family to develop an advocacy strategy that included attending community meetings and enlisting the support of local elected officials.

In response, the district Superintendent formalized a new policy that reversed the planned relocation and guaranteed every student at P.S. 37 a seat. Families can rest easy knowing their children can continue to learn at a school that will allow them to thrive.