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Sher Tremonte Client Freed From Custody

On July 19, 2023, a Manhattan federal judge ordered Sher Tremonte’s client to be immediately released from custody, imposing a below-Guidelines sentence over the government’s strenuous objection.

Michael Tremonte and Anna Estevao were appointed to the case through the Criminal Justice Act (“CJA”) Panel, which provides court-appointed counsel to indigent defendants. Paralegal Pilar Cespedes also assisted on the case.

In 2022, this client was arrested and charged with extortion, interstate communications with the intent to extort, and cyberstalking in connection with a “catfishing” scheme and attempted extortion of a CEO of a public company. She ultimately pled guilty to the lesser included offense of cyberstalking in exchange for the government agreeing to dismiss the rest of the charges. At sentencing, Sher Tremonte vigorously advocated for a time served sentence, pointing to numerous mitigating factors, horrific jail conditions, and the client’s significant rehabilitative efforts. Although the government asked for a “significant term of imprisonment,” the Court agreed that the client should be freed from custody. The sentence is well below the recommended sentence under the United States Sentencing Guidelines.

This representation is part of Sher Tremonte’s robust commitment to indigent criminal defense, pro bono and public interest litigation.

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