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Sher Tremonte Client Awarded All the Relief Requested

On September 22, 2023, an Independent Hearing Officer granted all of the relief sought by Sher Tremonte on behalf of their client, a single mother of three. Sher Tremonte received the case through the legal advocacy organization New York Legal Assistance Group, with lead counsel provided by Wes Erdelack and, previously, Maya Brodziak. Sher Tremonte attorneys Kimo S. Peluso and Noam Biale also participated in the matter.

The client is a mother of a daughter with autism who attended a public school in Queens, NY. At the public school, her daughter was placed in the special education program; however, she faced many challenges and struggled to make academic progress.

In 2022, the client decided to enroll her daughter in a private school that offered a tailored curriculum for students with disabilities, thanks to the provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Under this act, parents can request government assistance to cover tuition costs when the public school system cannot provide an adequate education.

Sher Tremonte filed a complaint on behalf of the client, leading to a series of hearings in pursuit of securing government funding for the daughter’s tuition. The final decision ruled in favor of the client, granting tuition coverage for the school year and an additional 700 hours of compensatory tutoring.

This representation reflects Sher Tremonte’s robust commitment to pro bono and public interest litigation.