Fraud and Recovery

Sher Tremonte routinely prevails for clients in complex and high-stakes fraud and recovery actions. Our litigators bring extensive experience in prosecuting fraudulent practices from their prior positions with the U.S. Attorneys’ Office, the SEC, and other government offices.

Our practice focuses on recovering losses from business partners, suppliers, and departing executives who have cheated, stolen, or otherwise abused their positions of trust. Often working on a hybrid or contingency basis to limit our clients’ out-of-pocket expenses, we are adept at pursuing claims that can support enhanced recovery options, including claims based on RICO, unfair competition and antitrust laws, the faithless servant doctrine, and fraudulent conveyance statutes. When necessary, the firm partners with world-class consultants – including private investigative firms, computer forensics experts, and certified fraud examiners – to ensure a thorough understanding of our clients’ losses and to identify wrongdoers.

Sher Tremonte also consults on referrals to regulators and enforcement agencies, especially in respect to preserving private civil recovery options against perpetrators even in the face of government forfeiture actions and prosecutions. In these matters, we are highly sensitive to our clients’ potentially relevant obligations to other stakeholders – whether regulators, investors, customers, or consumers.


  • Recovered millions in losses from a Ponzi scheme for a record company executive and his family in a federal lawsuit and FINRA arbitration, and advised clients in connection with related investigations by the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the SEC.
  • Represented one of New York state’s largest health insurers in a lawsuit against a home health agency who obtained a multimillion-dollar contract by paying kickbacks to our client’s personnel.
  • Successfully prosecuted an action on behalf of an industrial equipment manufacturer against a departing chief executive officer for waste and abuse, including entering into above-market contracts with suppliers, misusing company funds, and mispresenting available financing to the board of directors.
  • Represented an international real estate company in an investigation and recovery efforts against a former executive who embezzled company funds by hiring vendors that he secretly controlled.
  • Conducted internal investigations for numerous clients, including participants in the health care, financial services, and entertainment industries, as well as government entities, resulting in referrals to and prosecutions by law enforcement authorities.
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